Who is AAG?

AAG – Agricultural Action Group - Is not an organisation or a hierarchy.

We work on a de-centralised model which seeks to empower local people to form their own groups and make decisions to push back in those areas which are their local priorities.

AAG consists of Robert Wilson, Fred Roberts and Heather Meri Pennycook – who are all involved with the Rural Sector and rural communities and are deeply concerned with the direction that NZ is heading in, with the erosion of our rights, freedoms, and the blatant targeting of the Agricultural Industry with impractical unworkable legislation around freshwater, carbon, land confiscation, and the slow strangling of rural communities nationwide etc.

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To protect and ensure the survival of the agricultural industry for the benefit of all New Zealanders and future generations to come.

The three founding members saw on election night 2020, there would be no change in Policy and direction via the current Government.

Agricultural Action Group was formed on election night 17th October 2020, as soon as the founders above saw that there would be no change in Policy and direction via the Government.

We are based in Southland and travel throughout New Zealand, holding meetings where we speak with guest speakers to inform the local community on important issues, and encourage audience participation.

Agricultural Action Group is funded from Donations by good people who support us, and self funded by us personally, when required.

If you would like to assist us to help and inform others you can Donate here.

Your donation is greatly appreciated.

No, Agricultural Action Group is not affiliated to any political party.

Fred, Rob, and Heather Meri all stood as members of the AdvanceNZ Party for the 2020 general election but have now resigned as candidates from the party, we are completely apolitical.

No, but we do support and encourage all other groups fighting for freedom in NZ.

Go to our Resources page - Other Groups - This list will be updated regularly.

How Can I Help?

  • & Inform others about AAG to spread the word and help each other.
  • Encourage them to to stay informed.
  • By offering your time, resources, ideas to help us. Please Contact Us
  • By sharing with us a photo/video showcasing the great range of agricultural work, family and friends, in a rural setting from this beautiful country of ours.
  • By making a Donation

How Can I Stay Informed?

to get connected to stay informed.

Then Follow Us:

  • Listen to our regular Podcasts
  • Read our regular Blog Posts
  • Attend one of our Meetings in your area to hear us and our guest speakers.
    Join the discussion with us and strategise on local issues that affect you.
  • Supper is provided - Please bring a gold coin for catering and venue hire thank you

Currently we have this website and our Facebook page

We will be adding Podcasts in the near future.

Other channels that we published our content on will be added to our Resources page

Various other media platforms share our info and will be updated here as they are finalised.