Fred Roberts and Heather Meri Pennycook formed AAG “Ag Action Gatherings” after spending almost a year as part of Agricultural Action Group – whose aim was to inform New Zealanders about Agricultural issues and challenges stemming from legislation driven by Agenda 21/2030 and to resource them with info about how to push back. This group was recently dissolved when the co-founders decided that they needed to pursue their different focus areas. Heather Meri and Fred shared a strong desire to push harder and address the truth of where our Government is leading us across all sectors – not just in the Ageicultural sector. They also wanted to focus on people gathering together in communities to take action to prevent the tyranny, totalitarian control, misinformation, the mis-direction, loss of freedoms, psychological and physical harm that is being mandated on us by the Government.
The “Ag” in the ‘Ag Action Gatherings’ refers to both the fact that the Agricultural sector is pivotal for the future of this country as its food source and main revenue earner – and to the fact that there is an underlying UN ‘Ag’enda to demolish lives, health, freedom, the rural sector and the economy of NZ to allow a communist-style totalitarian global government to be put in place.


  1. Bringing information, the facts and proof – to enable everyone to see how deceitful and diabolical the corporate Governments’ Agenda really is.
  2. Providing tools and potential actions to address the dangerous situations we currently face.
  3. Strongly encouraging the gathering of people to proactively create alternatives/solutions to future threats, before they impact us.

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