URGENT INFO – re “No jab, no job” Mandates

URGENT INFO – re “No jab, no job” Mandates

Our Govt continues to pressurise people to get jabbed or lose their jobs – simultaneously the Govt is ramping up the welfare payments around businesses and employees affected by the ongoing pointless lockdowns – why? Because a population dependent on the Govt for welfare to pay their rent and to buy food etc. will be much less likely to oppose their draconian and dangerous Legislation.

This info – (Resurgence Support Payments Increased & Wage Subsidies Re-opening) is on the Business.Govt.NZ website and in their latest newsletter which also talks about Legislating Mandatory Vaccinations. More Corporates are coming onboard to enforce this for the Govt with Farmlands the latest to be discussing implementing mandatory vaccinations for their staff.

Below Chris outlines a great way to deal with the “no jab no job” mandate – but you must take action now! (Posting this has already landed me in FB jail for 3 days

Hi all! (A message from Chris Lind – Health & Safety Consultant). You may have seen my video that has gone viral.

I am here to help you block this fiasco by blocking the mandate using the DHB / Other …… HSE Systems under the Tennent of “Psychological Harm Caused by ‘Duress’ from the Vaccine Mandate”. Quite simply…. The Govt is placing all unvaxed Health/Education/Prison staff under duress by forcing vaccines on you. This is causing high amounts of psychological harm which is illegal under the HSE Act as it is a recognised hazard…… and has to be eliminated… ie by removing the Vaccine Mandate.

You CAN act on this by filing Serious harm Incident Reports in your Employers HSE System. 80,000 incident reports of Serious harm will halt this and raise a RED FLAG for Worksafe to take immediate action under the Legislation…THEY CANNOT IGNORE IT!!! – I have a written process for you all to use – text me your email address to 0275552578

ACT NOW… waiting to do this will be too late!!!!… we need you to log you into the HSE System NOW!… It is not illegal as you are acting inside the law and cannot be sanctioned for identifying the hazard and reporting it…. November 15 will be TOO LATE TO DO THIS……WE NEED YOU IN THE SYSTEM NOW….

POWER IN NUMBERS WILL CONQUER THIS. Look on Linkedin for me…Chris Lind… my avatar is an oil rig with a helicopter hovering over it…. My credentials are there… I have just setup the module for the CRL Project… and have been in HSE FOR 25 Years. I can work the system… BUT I NEED YOU TO DO THE WORK TO DO IT AND TO BEAT THE MANDATE!!… PLEASE HELP YOURSELVES….BY HELPING ME TO DO THIS…….God bless you all………Regards Chris

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