UNDER THE SHADOW: Agenda 21 in New Zealand

Published: 2021
Author: Antoinette James

The United Nations Agenda 21 document and program is grossly misunderstood due to corrupt governments couching it in secrecy and word trickery.

New Zealand National and Labour governments have collaborated in binding the country to UN goals.
National Prime Minister Jim Bolger signed Agenda in 1992, without democratic debate!

Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark rolled-out NCEA underpinned with UN Common Core Curriculum goals in the early 2000s, without democratic debate!

National Prime Minister John Key signed Agenda 2030 in 2015, Without democratic debate!

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern authored New Zealand's first Voluntary National Review 2019: An audit of the country's progress and commitment to UN 2030 dictatorship, without democratic debate!

There is a time to stop the march to UN dictatorship, but action is needed now.

UNDER THE SHADOW  tools the reader with information, as it fills in the gaps and joins the dots.

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