Police violently arrest FREEDOM loving kiwis

The world watched in horror and anger as the Police continue their day long assault, directed by crazed psychopaths within the New Zealand Government, aggressively arresting FREEDOM loving peaceful protesters, using pepper spray, forcibly dragging people from wheelchairs, and injuring children, as the good people of New Zealand stood strong, defending the future of their beautiful country from the evil clutches of tyranny.

We are winning this battle:

There are alot more of us than them.
Millions of us against a few hundred of them, most of them inside hiding like cowards.
Not even the guts to show and face the wrath of the people and talk to us.

People in the police and the military do have a conscience and families too.
Many of the police were in tears as they faced the crowd in the knowledge of what they were doing is wrong. Very very wrong and evil.
How long will it take before they take off their uniforms and choose to stand with the people like half the police force in Ottawa Canada?
To use the excuse of “I was just doing my job”, or “I have a mortgage and family at home to provide for” will be no excuse as the history of Nuremberg shows after World War II when their day of reckoning inevitably comes.

Using tools of intimidation and deceit, to destroy businesses, families, marriages, driving people of all ages to commit suicide, and taking the lives of parents, grandparents and beautiful innocent children, the illegitimate government of New Zealand has awakened the sleeping Lion.

We are fighting with everything on the line whereas the evil ones are only driven by intoxicating perceived power, and their evil rewards which are soon to stop, when they will be held to account for their evil crimes committed against the people of New Zealand.

The people of New Zealand are waking up now an can see that the emperor has no clothes on.

Beehive inhabitants and their minions are not leaders, just puppets driven by evil and delusional greed.

Their day of reckoning is coming and they have nowhere to hide.
The people who have been severely wronged will make sure of that

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