Jacinda’s Delta Delusion

With New Zealand’s latest lockdown and restrictions due to the new delta variant of COVID-19 supposedly being so dangerous, is it really such a dangerous virus to justify these actions?

Jacinda’s Delta Delusion
Talk about the cure being worse than the disease!
Jacinda Ardern has locked down New Zealand again to save us all from the dreaded delta variant. Well, I tell you what, I’d take my chances with the delta variant any day of the week thank you very much. When we look at the true risk from the delta variant, it is utterly delusional for Jacinda to be taking the action she is taking for the level of ‘threat’ that the delta variant poses. The name delta sounds bad doesn’t it. It sounds like some kind of military code name, so it must be really bad. Bad enough to put the fear of God right through the whole nation and have everyone walking around in masks terrified of each other like some kind of dystopian zombie horror movie.
How bad is the delta variant? At last count there were around 2,000 reported cases of delta in New Zealand. How many have died from this supposedly super deadly virus with a scary military type name? One person. An elderly lady in her 90s. One person in their 90s out of approximately 2,000 reported cases. Not exactly what you’d expect the mortality rate to be for one of the most deadly and dangerous pandemics in human history.
In Australia where the delta variant has been going for longer, there have been approximately 60,000 reported cases of the delta variant and approximately 200 deaths reported as being from the delta variant. That is a mortality rate of only 0.3%. Not dissimilar to the mortality rate of normal seasonal flu. In the UK, where more than 300,000 cases of the delta variant have been reported, the mortality rate for under 50s is 1 in 3,500 (0.028%). If the older age groups are included then the overall mortality rate is approximately 1 in 400 (0.25%). Very similar to what we are seeing in Australia.
So the officially reported mortality rates from the delta variant in both the UK and Australia are not dissimilar to the mortality rate of normal seasonal flu, and in New Zealand the mortality rate is essentially non-existent. Across New Zealand and Australia an average of around 3,500 people die every year from normal seasonal flu. Do we traditionally completely destroy our country every year to try to protect society from normal seasonal flu? So why are we doing that now?
Meanwhile, the experimental COVID-19 vaccine that Jacinda Ardern is rolling out to save us all from the terrifying delta mortality statistics listed above, has at last count had 31 Kiwis die shortly after receiving it and more than 10,000 Kiwis reporting adverse effects. This is according to the NZ government official yellow card system (other unofficial reports from NZ doctors have the number of deaths considerably higher than that)
So let’s just get this straight. The delta variant has supposedly killed one person in their 90s in New Zealand (at the time of writing), but the cure has potentially killed 31 Kiwis (maybe a lot more) and has hurt more than 10,000. Meanwhile the entire country also continues to be completely devastated by the delta lockdown, border closure, and other COVID measures. It is complete insanity by any measure.
Thanks also to the daily fear brainwashing by the New Zealand media, which Jacinda Ardern gave $50 million to, a significant chunk of the Kiwi population also seems to have been afflicted by a pandemic of terror and collective insanity as they continue to legitimize and support the current insane COVID measures.
While we’re in the flow of Jacinda’s COVID responses that are not in tune with sanity, here are a couple of highly relevant questions for our Prime Minister which never seem to get asked by our mainstream media, but which do get regularly asked, but not heard, by many of our frontline doctors and scientists. Why is New Zealand not allowing proven, cheap, and (normally) accessible treatments/cures for COVID-19 to be used to treat and cure COVID-19 cases? The COVID-19 cure that is featuring extensively around the world at the moment is Ivermectin. 61 peer reviewed scientific studies have proven Ivermectin to result in a decrease in hospitalization and deaths from COVID-19 by almost 100% when administered early. Similar results have been achieved with Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), Vitamin D, and other treatments. It almost totally eradicates COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations when used early and correctly.
Japan has just suspended their vaccine rollout and the Chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association has recommended that all doctors now start using Ivermectin.
India was recently hit by a massive outbreak of COVID-19 cases, with a massive number of deaths per day. They rolled out Ivermectin across most of the country, and in every one of the regions where this was done, the death rate from COVID-19 rapidly dropped to virtually zero, in line with the results of all those peer reviewed scientific studies.
Many other countries in South America, Africa, and other places have successfully been using either Ivermectin or HCQ. It is just that unfortunately we never hear about this from our government or the mainstream media. As Jacinda Ardern has told us all, her and the New Zealand government are to be the ‘one source of truth’ and nothing else should be listened to. Do not question the ‘one source of truth’ or you will be labeled and censored as ‘dangerous COVID misinformation’.
The New Zealand COVID-19 lockdown and border catastrophe could be ended in a heartbeat with these treatments. Why is Jacinda Ardern flatly ignoring and blocking these extremely cheap and normally very accessible treatments? Does it have anything to do with Big Pharma making profit margins in the trillions from the global vaccine rollout? If that eventually proves to be the case, then a very high crime is being committed on the people of New Zealand.
The final question for Jacinda Ardern (let’s be kind to each other) and the New Zealand government is this. There have been COVID-19 press briefings on an almost daily basis, and there has been a gigantic marketing campaign of ‘let’s unite against COVID’ pumped into every corner of New Zealand society for 18 months now. What percentage of that tidal wave of information and messaging/brainwashing over the last 18 months has been based around the most important thing that can help Kiwis with this health challenge? Namely a strong immune system built up through healthy lifestyles of good nutrition, exercise etc. That would be 0%. Not a peep about these critically important things from our ‘leaders’.
It’s almost like Jacinda Ardern and the New Zealand government don’t really care about our health and well-being, and are much more interested in things like gargantuan sized profit margins for Big Pharma, bribing the New Zealand media to keep propping up the required narrative, squashing small Kiwi businesses out of existence, and implementing a socialist style controlled and obedient society.
The current farcical lockdown of New Zealand is literally delta delusion.

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