How to respond to SNAs…

If you have received a letter or survey form from your local Council regarding proposed SNAs (Significant Natural Areas) on your land – do NOT respond to the letter OR fill in and return the Survey, as doing either will re-contract you with them and you will have effectively given them jurisdiction over yourself and your land.  Conversely, doing and saying nothing (silence) – will also be construed as your consent, therefore it is imperative to file a “Notice of Conditional Acceptance” with the Council.

Also, if you are contacted regarding people coming to survey your land, refuse to allow them onto your land and ensure you file a “Notice of Conditional Acceptance” document below with the Council asap.

Recommended Filing procedure – Deliver In Person to Council:

  1. Fill in a “Notice of Conditional Acceptance” using the template below.
  2. Make a duplicate copy of your “Notice of Conditional Acceptance” after filling in template.
  3. Take both copies to Council office and Deliver In Person.
  4. Get both copies date stamped by the Council as a receipt of delivery.
  5. Give one copy to the Council.
  6. Take duplicate copy home with you (To retain for your records – so that you can prove the date the Council received the “Notice of Conditional Acceptance”).

Registered Post with tracking code and acceptance signature required (To retain for your records), can also be used for Notice of Conditional Acceptance document delivery however the recommended filing procedure above is a superior method.

NB:  Ensure you use only your Christian names as shown by the example “:mary-jane:” on the template, remember to amend the sentence to ‘man’ rather than woman if applicable and enter your address for communication in the appropriate place and retain the ‘c/o’ before your address as well.  (Also remember to enter the appropriate name of your Council and the relevant staff name there on the template as well).

You may find it  less intimidating to file your Notice of Conditional Acceptance as a group at the same time. At some point in the near future we advise having a meeting with the Council and your local community members to explain to the Council what your Notice means in real terms.

Please contact, who can connect you with a local coordinator to attend the Council meeting with you, and can also arrange training as requested.

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