Govt targets people speaking the truth…….

The below huge article was published by Stuff recently in another of their endless propaganda tirades on behalf of this Communist totalitarian Govt.  Obviously the last thing that they want is any more of the general population starting to ask difficult questions or to wake up to what is really happening in NZ and indeed all over the world at present.

The article supposedly justifies why they (the domestic anti-terrorism squad) are targeting people and groups who are speaking out with a very different narrative to that from “the only source of truth”.  There’s also the usual dose of fear-mongering, this time about some new topics –  extremism, radicals and violence??!

Expect a concerted attack on anyone who dares to question or discuss the Govt narrative. They have just put me on a 30 day total Facebook ban – so I guess thats a great reason to swap most media communications over to our website.  Bitchute and Rumble are on the ‘to do’ list as well.–can-government-close-the-rabbit-hole

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