Government delivers fatal blow to NZ economy

WAKE UP KIWIS – with diesel prices set to hit $4/L in July; shutting the Marsden Pount Oil Refinery is one of the most obvious examples of our Govts legislation that is designed to cripple and destroy our entire economy!

Shutting Marsden Point will remove 75-80% of the available fuel in NZ – so not only will skyrocketing fuel prices decimate every industry and family in this country – we will also not even be able to access fuel in the near future once our reserves are used up.

Not only will this affect freight (prices) and shut down most supply chains – it will also affect school buses, people travelling to work and accessing food etc; it will decimate the horticultural and agricultural industry, prevent export and import and halt international flights as Avgas will be exorbitantly expensive and aircraft will be unable to refuel in NZ (and similar reasons will stop vessels callling here and import/export shipping).

Why would the Government make such a decision?  Why would they receive no opposition from any of the other political parties?  Because they are all working to the UNAgenda 21/2030 in tandem with the WEF who are openly working towards world economic collapse.

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