Fake media enabled by fake opposition!

Great astute article however it doesn’t go far enough!

It’s obvious that our election system is flawed and open to manipulation in NZ therefore you are never going to get a true result. And the sad truth is that the puppets in Parliament are all just carrying out the orders of the Global elite and have already committed this country to UN Agenda 21/2030 (JA told us at the Goalkeepers Conference in Aug 2019 that this Agenda had already been included in our legislation). This is what you now see in the insane unworkable legislation that includes “pre-human habitation freshwater standards”, 3/5 Waters, the new  ‘non-industry-consulted’ Animal Welfare Codes, the winter grazing rules and Resource Consent requirements, methane emissions taxes, extreme waterway fencing requirements, He Puapua, co-governance?, phasing out LPG and fossil fuels, stopping coal mining yet importing dirty coal, closing Marsden Point (removing our ability to produce high quality bitumen for roading and CO2 for the brewery industry), etc etc and the list goes on!  All this legislation is designed to remove our self-sufficiency and cripple our communities and economy to create the ‘Great Reset’ (in tandem with the WEF) – and ultimately to achieve the UN aim of NO private ownership of land, houses, businesses or cars. People will rely on the State for their housing and incomes and therefore will comply with the State (the only source of truth)!  A Communist style structure with a Globalist ‘one world government’ of the Elites/big Corporate interests.  This is something that the UN have been working slowly towards for decades.

If you are unaware of this then please look at our science and research under our Resources section and other Blogs.

And remember, NZ’s Opposition Parties Are Controlled Opposition – same team just a different coloured logo – and there has not been a election that has not had the results tweaked for decades!

So, are you going to keep supporting a corrupt broken bureaucratic system that is hell-bent on destroying your livelihood, health, community and economy?  Wake up NZ!!!




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