A letter to our double jabbed Kiwis……….from your un-jabbed fellow Kiwi whanau

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By Kiwi4Justice

If you are a double jabbed Kiwi, please read this plea from the heart from your un-jabbed fellow Kiwis. Our nation’s future depends on it.

We are not asking you to agree with us, we are just asking you to hear us and to remember those great Kiwi traits that we have always taken such pride in showing to the rest of the world. Those traits of compassion, empathy, tolerance, and above all, Kiwi unity and courage.

To quote one of the lines from our great national anthem…………“hear our voices we entreat”.

We are all Kiwis and we all love our great country and its people. COVID has been enormously challenging for so many segments of NZ society. So many Kiwis have been so challenged and so hurt through this time, and as a double jabbed Kiwi you are ‘taking one for the team’ to try to help get NZ free and open again. We understand that, and we really respect and admire that sentiment. It is a very Kiwi mentality of rolling the sleeves up, so to speak, and getting on with sorting the problem out. But there are also proud, patriotic Kiwis who have a different opinion. Not a different opinion in what we are trying to achieve together as a nation. We are all 100% united in that goal. But a different opinion around some of the things we are being asked/required to do in order to potentially achieve that goal. As was said before, we aren’t asking for you to agree with that opinion at all, but just to listen and to show some tolerance and empathy to a very large group of Kiwis who are good people of our NZ community.

We have always said as a nation throughout this time of COVID that we need to show our strength through unity. Now we have another enormous challenge as a nation. As one of those one million+ Kiwis who has felt the necessity to make that personal choice to be un-jabbed, I can tell you that due to the recent decisions of the NZ government, those one million+ Kiwis are hurting! We are REALLY hurting! So much so that MANY are not able to see enough light to be able to continue living in this world with the hurt and the challenge that they have as a consequence of our government’s recent policies. These people in particular need our help and support as a great priority.

NZ is a quite incredible nation in history despite being so small, so young, and so isolated. Despite all these things our country has been a shining beacon to the rest of the world with so many incredible things that we have done, the principles that we have stood for as a nation, and the courage that we have shown, no matter what the consequences. We have the courage of our ANZACs who fought and died in foreign lands for NZs freedom and the freedom of other nations.  NZ proudly stood together as a nation to stand up to the might of the US military and send the US nuclear warships packing out of our waters in 1985. We showed the same courage and determination to take on international powers to fight for justice for the Rainbow Warrior and the protection of the world’s environment. NZ stood as one in solidarity with the Muslims in Christchurch in 2019.  NZ showed the world the way when making history to give our Kiwi women the vote, and NZ showed the world the way against racism and apartheid when we stood up en mass to protest against South Africa’s rugby tour of NZ in 1981.

We have achieved incredible things as a nation who stand together to do the right thing no matter what the cost of taking that stand.  These are the things that make NZ one of the greatest nations in history, and these are the things that define us as a nation, as a culture, and as Kiwis. But right now those things that have made our nation and our Kiwi culture so great are being ripped apart and demolished. The incoming vaccine policies, vaccine mandates, and vaccine certificates are turning Kiwi against Kiwi, region against region, Pakeha against Maori, workmates against workmates, and family members against family members. They are also in the process of creating a culture of extreme discrimination and apartheid across NZ that is scarcely believable.

Very shortly one million+ Kiwis will effectively be shut out of normal NZ society. Not only many of them losing their jobs, but also being denied access to the most fundamental elements of our society. Cast out of society as second rate citizens and discriminated against through what is effectively medical apartheid. This is NOT the Kiwi way. This is NOT in alignment with the great NZ country we have just described. These one million+ Kiwis who are being cast out of society and discriminated against as sub-human are not just low life derelicts of society. These Kiwis that are being cast out of our society include people such as firefighters who risked their lives to dig their fellow Kiwis out of the rubble in the Christchurch earthquake, they include thousands of doctors and nurses who have spent the last 18 months being on the frontline of the COVID response, and they include thousands of teachers who give everything every day to help to positively support and develop our Kiwi youngsters. These are people who are the very bedrock of our NZ community, and our government is casting them out simply because they have made a different choice about what does and doesn’t go into their own body. Do these Kiwis really deserve to be brutally cast out like this?

That freedom of personal choice over medical treatment is one of the fundamental human rights listed in the 1990 NZ Bill of Rights and the 1947 Nuremberg Code. Many of these Kiwis will not be able to keep a roof over their heads and feed their family. Their entire way of life will now be severely restricted and constrained around what they can and can’t do within the community. These one million+ Kiwis have not taken this decision lightly. The consequences for them of making this decision are immensely life changing. They do not make this decision in order to be selfish or uncaring towards their fellow Kiwis, despite what our media and government might say. On the contrary, every single one of your fellow Kiwis who has made this decision has had to show enormous courage, heart, and determination to do what they believe is the right thing, whether you agree with that decision or not. They have made their decision despite the enormous personal consequences that come with that decision.

The one million+ un-jabbed Kiwis all have their different reasons for making their personal choice not to have it. They may have medical conditions that make it unsafe. They may have concerns over the unknown long term health effects of what is still an experimental treatment, and they may have concerns about the some of the adverse health reactions that are already being seen around the world in unusually large numbers. Or it may be that they are not comfortable with this trend of governments around the world seemingly pushing aside long standing basic human rights about pro-choice of medical treatments, and they see this as a critical line in the sand of human rights that they are not prepared to submit to.

You may believe what the NZ government is saying to you that the un-jabbed are a danger to society. We respectfully believe that the scientific evidence now does not match up with that position, and that the science is now strongly showing a different message. The science is now showing us that while the COVID vaccine does significantly reduce the severity of COVID symptoms for someone who catches COVID, there is virtually no difference between jabbed and un-jabbed in the rates of catching COVID and transmitting COVID to other people. This was further confirmed recently in a large study published by the Lancet, which is one of the most prestigious and reliable medical science publications in the world.

Community transmission and viral load kinetics of the SARS-CoV-2 delta (B.1.617.2) variant in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in the UK: a prospective, longitudinal, cohort study – The Lancet Infectious Diseases

Therefore, if the science that is now available is to be believed, the un-jabbed are no more or no less of a health threat to people around them than the double jabbed. Therefore, if that is the case then these extreme policies being introduced by the NZ government of medical apartheid do not even make any scientific sense or achieve any useful health benefit. That is in addition to the very important point that medical apartheid should be considered to be ethically and morally abhorrent to any decent society.

The one million+ un-jabbed Kiwis absolutely respect that you may have a different opinion on many of these things. We absolutely respect that you are prioritizing doing what you firmly believe to be the right thing for you and your country, and that it is your right to make those personal choices as a free Kiwi. But our great country was built on the principles and the foundations that the one million+ un-jabbed Kiwis also have their right to make their personal choice about this, for the reasons that they have, and to not be brutally discriminated against for making that choice, and cast out of normal NZ society as second class citizens. This is NOT acceptable in any way, shape, or form in relation to the great country and the great people that NZ was and still can be.

This is a seismic moment in our nation’s history, and in terms of where we go in our future as a country. If we as a country allow ourselves to be taken down this path of brutal discrimination, apartheid, and creating two classes of Kiwis, as our Prime Minister has openly confirmed to be the objective, then the great country and the great deeds done by our country throughout our history will become a thing of the past. Our great deeds will become things that were done in a time before we allowed our great Kiwi culture and our great principles to be taken away from us.

So right now we are literally in the middle of a fight for the soul of our nation. If we want to win that fight and stay true to who we really are as a nation then it is very simple what needs to happen. Kiwis need to unite together as one nation like we always have when we have achieved those great things. We need to put down our differences of opinion about being jabbed or un-jabbed, and we need to unite together as one people in saying NO to discrimination, apartheid, and two classes of Kiwis. We need to collectively say that this is NOT acceptable and is NOT who we are as a nation, no matter what the reasoning that our government may try to give to justify it.

As our great national anthem says……..”hear our voices we entreat”. We need to unite together to fight for keeping what is so great about our proud little nation and its people. It’s time for Kiwis to come together to fight for the soul of our nation. Jabbed and un-jabbed united as one people. Kiwis. Kia kaha!

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