The very real plan of the WEF to remove our Private Property Rights

Lately we have drawn some media flack for speaking openly about the World Economic Forum and their plan for a worldwide economic ‘Reset’ which will result in the situation where – for the common people (quote) “it’s 2030, I have no privacy,  I own nothing and I am happy”.

By the time our detractors wake up to reality it may well be too late to stop what is being rolled out under our very noses.  To those who decry or attack us for trying to awaken our brothers and sisters on the land, ask yourself this, why?

Are you scared? Does your ego prevent you from accepting that there may be others who can see what you don’t, or are you actively complicit in what is being done to your fellow Kiwis?

Just like those who fought for our freedom – so to for those who are complicit in destroying it – we will remember them…


The Great Reset is a ‘coup’ by the globalist elite

Journalist James Delingpole says the Great Reset is simply a “coup” by the globalist elite, and it is happening all over the world. “It’s happening in your country, it’s happening in my country, we’ve seen it’s happened in America,” Mr Delingpole told Sky News host Alan Jones. “These guys are very serious about their plan, which ultimately is to reduce us to the status of serfs – which of course elites have done throughout the ages. “Western democracy is actually a relatively uncommon phenomenon, the freedoms we enjoy.” Mr Delingpole said the Great Reset will see freedoms “reverted away to the historic norm” where a “tiny elite control the people”. “It is a conspiracy, it’s not a conspiracy theory though,” he said. “It’s not a conspiracy theory when they’re telling you what they’re doing.”

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