Mainstream media goes strangely silent as 3 Waters becomes 5 Waters

The UN Agenda marches on! The whole He Puapua/Co-governance strategy puts the control of ALL water in NZ (now including thermal and sea water out to 80km from shore) under the control of IWI!  Iwi= corporations, NOT hapu/Whanau or your normal everyday Maori.  It’s the corporate Govt in bed with the Corp Iwi and is designed to remove any say/rights from the 84% non-Maori in NZ; to cause racial disharmony and civil unrest. We are way down Stalin’s playbook now for fascist/communist takeover – control the people by controlling the food/water/fuel/energy  (most electricity in NZ is generated from water – the “5 Waters” will have a catastrophic effect on that)!  Oh, and don’t forget to disarm the people -FirearmsRegn just announced (see next post).

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