Expect Legislation for more land grabs…..

If you haven’t already – its definitely time to read the 351 page ‘fine print’ of what NZ is really signed up to under the United Nations UN Agenda 21/2030 – that Jacinda announced in August 2019, is already implemented fully in our Legislative system.

The slick wonderful sounding 17x SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) are just the marketing hype for a draconian totalitarian Communist style society end-game where everyone depends on the State, who is all powerful.  (And the IMF, World Bank, WEF World Economic Forum etc are working in tandem with Governments around the world to see an economic collapse that will usher this in.  Read WEF Chairman Klaus Schwabs book on our Resources page for more insight).

Part of the UN’s “Sustainable future” includes no private ownership of land, no farming and people moved off the land and into tiny city apartments – to create huge areas of “Wilderness Zone” ie Human Exclusion Zones!

The imminent Govt reforms to the Conservation Laws will be a ‘defining moment’ alright – but not in a good way!  More fearmongering re supposed Climate Crisis and biodiversity loss will prepare the way for more alarming land grabs under the guise of ‘conservation’ – much like the recent SNA Significant Natural Area legislation saw 40% of Northland reclassified as SNA and taken out of production and private use!

Rumours are rife from the ‘wasp nest’ of all DOC lands being given to the Iwi (corporates) and then the general population being excluded from these areas – watch this space folks and do your research, it’s time to wake up!


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UN Agenda 21 has been incorporated through all our NZ Legislation

Listen for yourself. In August 2019, our PM Jacinda Ardern delivered the keynote address at the Goalkeepers Conference in New York. She announced (at approx the 7 minute mark) that UN Agenda 203O is incorporated throughout all our legislation. (Also in the speech she states that the Govt wants to change the way we think and the way we act….)