Living Lore response to Census

Background info and a form that you can use when the Census delivery people come to your door. IT IS CRUCIAL to take the time to watch this video and understand the form you are being given and why it is so important NOT TO MIX this with any other methods/’Law’ systems. Remember, no ‘piece of paper’ alone will ‘save you.’ You need to understand this very powerful LL info on a gut and spirit level – then you stand in that!

Be very careful of whose advice you are following. Are they ‘walking the talk’ and living this L/Lore, or are they using other systems of ‘Law’ and/or still living immersed in the system – and just passing on others knowledge, without any real experience or ‘skin in the game?’

Either type the form out or handwrite it (in red ink) – you will need 2 copies.

This info will change everything and probably generate as many questions ar it answers – you will never look at things the same again! It’s time to know the truth and to step into the freedom that it brings!

(More videos on LL to come soon).




We have received this same info from several sources but have been unable to source any definite proof of this so far (purchase order/Govt or MPI email etc).
Can you help with this? NOTE – this info is NOT confirmed at present but nothing would suprise me in the UN driven tactics to shut down the Ag industry/economy in NZ and I think it is well worth starting the conversation and asking for any info to prove or disprove this intel please?

(It’s also interesting to note that in the second half of 2022, a Southland cop told a friend of mine that the plan is to have the Public disarmed in 2023 – watch this space folks).

Taking Gun owners for fools again…….

Credit where credits due – Congratulations Farmers Weekly for printing this and thank you Alan for bucking the MSM trend of brown-nosing the Govt and actually speaking out some VERY relevant facts and concerns!

Just like most of the current ridiculous unworkable illogical new legislation, based on false science/data and fear-mongering – REMEMBER it will only begin to make sense when you read UN Agenda 21/2030 and realise that their (UN/WEF and Govts worldwide) Agenda, is to ‘create a sustainable future’ which actually means put an end to the farming and horticultural industry, move to no private ownership of land, businesses, houses; no more golf clubs, ski-fields, roading, fossil fuels, LPG etc etc (disarm the public) and to force a world economic collapse to enable this  ie. The Great Reset – where you will “own nothing and be happy”.


High-powered disarmament in Western Australia

Expect similar things in NZ soon, as we continue to gallop down the UN Agenda 21/2030 path towards complete disarmament of the Public!



The WA Government will ban 56 types of high-powered rifles deemed to have no purpose in the community.

Gun owners will have until July to hand them in to be destroyed.

They’ll be compensated the market rate for their weapons.

Time for action!

It’s time to remember who we were (and still are) – one people, united and standing together in love compassion and brotherhood.

It’s time to stop the torrent of ideological, destructive, globalist serving propaganda and legislation – whose only purpose is to destroy NZ and catapult us into poverty and total reliance on a tyrannical dictatorial communist style State.
(And if you think that’s a crazy CT style rant then wake up, do some research and look at what’s happening overseas – massive riots in the Netherlands where the Govt wants to force every 3rd farmer to sell their land to them / people freezing in Europe with no heating or gas and electricity black-outs / firewood selling for thousands of USD as people face freezing to death through winter / fuel shortages in Austr where their Gov has also closed many fuel refineries …… the list goes on and on…….

Wake up and stand up – start meeting in your communities and get prepared / make plans for how you will deal with this here!


WEF warning of Cyber attack!

Open your eyes and ears Kiwis!! FACTS – Klaus Schwab of the WEF (who is working in tandem with the UN – whom our Govt and all bureaucratic / corporate systems in NZ are conforming to – and we have had the UN Agenda amalgamated into our legislation since 2019)……
Klaus (and Bill Gates) – are telling us that there is an upcoming cyber attack/virus that will very seriously affect fuel, energy and food systems……. we are already perilously close to running out of fuel in NZ – which will decimate this country incl farming and food supply chains – food prices are skyrocketing already and you need only to look at what’s happening in Europe to know what’s planned for here too!
Communities must stand together and be prepared to deal with a worst case scenario and to look after each other!
The future that the UN /Globalists have planned is for total state / AI control of people, food, funds and every aspect of your life – people treated like cattle (which ironically is their name for us ‘goyim’=cattle)! They plan for this to be completely achieved by 2030 when “you will own nothing and be happy”. Sounds like another bad communist style sci-Fi movie but they are totally capable and committed to achieving this – your silence and inaction equals your consent!

A Cash-less Society???

Think long and hard about this! Digital Currency only, a cashless society.   Not only will every transaction you make be known, scrutinized and tracked – but every transaction will also be able to be taxed and ‘they’ will be able to add and/or subtract from your funds as they see fit (depending on your behaviour) – and program what YOUR funds can and cannot be spent on! (This system is already functioning well in Communist China – total State control, no less).


You’re not going to believe this!

This is exactly where we are headed kiwi farmers – the Govt blatantly stealing your land – as if they’re not doing it already via SNA’s etc. There will be Dutch people starving and freezing this winter as the Global plan is for the state to control your food, water, energy, fuel, income and all land. This is Conspiracy FACT! (Read the UN Agenda 21/2030 and see what their “sustainable future” really means if you don’t believe me)!

Fake media enabled by fake opposition!

Great astute article however it doesn’t go far enough!

It’s obvious that our election system is flawed and open to manipulation in NZ therefore you are never going to get a true result. And the sad truth is that the puppets in Parliament are all just carrying out the orders of the Global elite and have already committed this country to UN Agenda 21/2030 (JA told us at the Goalkeepers Conference in Aug 2019 that this Agenda had already been included in our legislation). This is what you now see in the insane unworkable legislation that includes “pre-human habitation freshwater standards”, 3/5 Waters, the new  ‘non-industry-consulted’ Animal Welfare Codes, the winter grazing rules and Resource Consent requirements, methane emissions taxes, extreme waterway fencing requirements, He Puapua, co-governance?, phasing out LPG and fossil fuels, stopping coal mining yet importing dirty coal, closing Marsden Point (removing our ability to produce high quality bitumen for roading and CO2 for the brewery industry), etc etc and the list goes on!  All this legislation is designed to remove our self-sufficiency and cripple our communities and economy to create the ‘Great Reset’ (in tandem with the WEF) – and ultimately to achieve the UN aim of NO private ownership of land, houses, businesses or cars. People will rely on the State for their housing and incomes and therefore will comply with the State (the only source of truth)!  A Communist style structure with a Globalist ‘one world government’ of the Elites/big Corporate interests.  This is something that the UN have been working slowly towards for decades.

If you are unaware of this then please look at our science and research under our Resources section and other Blogs.

And remember, NZ’s Opposition Parties Are Controlled Opposition – same team just a different coloured logo – and there has not been a election that has not had the results tweaked for decades!

So, are you going to keep supporting a corrupt broken bureaucratic system that is hell-bent on destroying your livelihood, health, community and economy?  Wake up NZ!!!




International condemnation of PM’s ‘disturbing, dystopian, dangerous’ UN Speech

Sky News host Rita Panahi says it’s “little wonder” New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s speech to the UN General Assembly was described as “disturbing, dystopian and dangerous”

But here in NZ the propaganda continues and our sold-out media won’t even mention the international condemnation that followed her speech.

With the election media circus already beginning to ramp up – just remember however that “the opposition” have exactly the same UN-driven Agenda as Labour (and for those people still naively believing Nationals promise that they will repeal 3 Waters if elected, just ponder the fact that in the entire history of NZ and over many many pre-election promises to repeal legislation, there has been ZERO legislation repealed!).  These are promises that are never kept!