Productive NZ farmlands disappearing under a sea of Pine trees!

How is it possible that thousands of Hectares of prime productive rural land in NZ is being sold to foreign companies and permanently planted in pine trees – a mono culture that destroys ecosystems and biodiversity acidifies waterways and ruins soil?

The Govt has changed OIC Overseas Investment Commission rules to encourage this and plans to quadruple Carbon Credit prices with the ETS which will escalate this problem…….

Blatant Govt incentivisation for foreign ownership and conversion of productive farmland into pine forests

The blatant mass conversion of our prime productive farmland into pine forests (owned offshore) continues. When will this Govt and the OIC be held to account for their blatant financial incentives for this – based on dodgy controversial pseudo-science? The Govt led push to eradicate the rural sector continues – wake up kiwi’s!