Living Lore response to Census

Background info and a form that you can use when the Census delivery people come to your door. IT IS CRUCIAL to take the time to watch this video and understand the form you are being given and why it is so important NOT TO MIX this with any other methods/’Law’ systems. Remember, no ‘piece of paper’ alone will ‘save you.’ You need to understand this very powerful LL info on a gut and spirit level – then you stand in that!

Be very careful of whose advice you are following. Are they ‘walking the talk’ and living this L/Lore, or are they using other systems of ‘Law’ and/or still living immersed in the system – and just passing on others knowledge, without any real experience or ‘skin in the game?’

Either type the form out or handwrite it (in red ink) – you will need 2 copies.

This info will change everything and probably generate as many questions ar it answers – you will never look at things the same again! It’s time to know the truth and to step into the freedom that it brings!

(More videos on LL to come soon).


Livey 24/12/21 Time to re-assess / threats from the Police???

Fear-mongering and rumors are being used constantly to coerce and bully people into compliance and silence – there have been some great examples of this over the past few days! It is essential to do your own research, question everything and trust no-one. Turn off mainstream media over the next few days, let the fear dissipate and re-assess what is really important.