We have received this same info from several sources but have been unable to source any definite proof of this so far (purchase order/Govt or MPI email etc).
Can you help with this? NOTE – this info is NOT confirmed at present but nothing would suprise me in the UN driven tactics to shut down the Ag industry/economy in NZ and I think it is well worth starting the conversation and asking for any info to prove or disprove this intel please?

(It’s also interesting to note that in the second half of 2022, a Southland cop told a friend of mine that the plan is to have the Public disarmed in 2023 – watch this space folks).

Cattle and traditional grazing recognised as a Conservation measure

The importance of livestock as a conservation tool being recognised yet again.

Grazing cattle are being introduced to a New Forest nature reserve acquired by the RSPB to help conservation work.
The RSPB started to create the Franchises Lodge nature reserve in 2018 after buying 386 hectares of woodland on the Hampshire-Wiltshire border.
A herd of Ruby Devon Cows will begin clearing the areas “unmanaged growth”, the RSPB said.
It is hoped the herd will help maintain a healthy woodland and keep invasive species at bay, the charity added.
The formerly privately-owned land was given to the nation in a tax settlement and was bought with the help of a £200,000 grant from the New Forest National Park Authority in 2018.
Described by the RSPB as a “secret forest”, the area has not been grazed by livestock in a century.
Site manager Richard Snelling said the cattle would play a”vital part” in restoring the reserve to mostly broadleaf tree species.
“The presence of the cattle in turn helps maintain a healthy woodland, keeping invasive species at bay, eliminating competition for growth on the forest floor and allowing some of the forest’s rarest and most valuable flora to flourish,” he said.
New Forest commoner Andrew Parry-Norton, who owns the herd of cattle, said the site would provide “back-up grazing” when his animals were not on the open forest.
“It’s not just the land that benefits from this free-roaming grazing. The more natural diet leads to healthier cows, in turn producing higher quality beef,” he added.
New Forest commoners live in properties with ancient rights attached, including ones allowing them to graze animals on the open forest.


Go you good thing……..(just don’t fall in the trap of believing Nats will save us).

The truth is that NO political party will save you! (And never in the history of NZ has an opposition party EVER repealed anything – despite many promises to do so)!
Even if you put the best people possible into Govt – the entire system is so corrupt and broken that they are powerless to effect change. Believing that any political party can fix this is ‘distraction and futility’!

Govt refuses to budge on winter grazing

No surprises here folks. The Govt will not back down to on their legislation, as they openly admit they are following UN Agenda 21/2030 which results in no private ownership of farm land and moving the population into urban environments.

Advocacy, petitions and “submissions” will achieve nothing. Find your voices en masse and stand together – do not consent.



United Nations Agenda to remove farmers from their land……

Dutch farmers are in uproar!
The Netherlands is the second biggest food producer in the world and the biggest exporter of meat in the EU. So why, in this time of food shortages and supply chain issues, would their Govt openly be targeting farmers to get them off the land?
The below 27min video will give you a big picture view and is well worth the watch – if you just specifically want to know what’s really happening to the Dutch farmers then FF to 16.5mins to find out what is NOT being covered in the media
And heads up, with up to 95% of our agricultural produce being exported, NZ farmers are very high up the target list as well, which many farmers are already experiencing here!


They are coming for your animals…

We highly recommend everyone watching this video – all the proof is there. With the clearly stated objective internationally to end agricultural meat production – they are now legislating livestock must not be slaughtered until at least 3 years old / all animals including pets, chickens and bees will need to be registered (and like … Read more