High-powered disarmament in Western Australia

Expect similar things in NZ soon, as we continue to gallop down the UN Agenda 21/2030 path towards complete disarmament of the Public!



The WA Government will ban 56 types of high-powered rifles deemed to have no purpose in the community.

Gun owners will have until July to hand them in to be destroyed.

They’ll be compensated the market rate for their weapons.

Cattle and traditional grazing recognised as a Conservation measure

The importance of livestock as a conservation tool being recognised yet again.

Grazing cattle are being introduced to a New Forest nature reserve acquired by the RSPB to help conservation work.
The RSPB started to create the Franchises Lodge nature reserve in 2018 after buying 386 hectares of woodland on the Hampshire-Wiltshire border.
A herd of Ruby Devon Cows will begin clearing the areas “unmanaged growth”, the RSPB said.
It is hoped the herd will help maintain a healthy woodland and keep invasive species at bay, the charity added.
The formerly privately-owned land was given to the nation in a tax settlement and was bought with the help of a £200,000 grant from the New Forest National Park Authority in 2018.
Described by the RSPB as a “secret forest”, the area has not been grazed by livestock in a century.
Site manager Richard Snelling said the cattle would play a”vital part” in restoring the reserve to mostly broadleaf tree species.
“The presence of the cattle in turn helps maintain a healthy woodland, keeping invasive species at bay, eliminating competition for growth on the forest floor and allowing some of the forest’s rarest and most valuable flora to flourish,” he said.
New Forest commoner Andrew Parry-Norton, who owns the herd of cattle, said the site would provide “back-up grazing” when his animals were not on the open forest.
“It’s not just the land that benefits from this free-roaming grazing. The more natural diet leads to healthier cows, in turn producing higher quality beef,” he added.
New Forest commoners live in properties with ancient rights attached, including ones allowing them to graze animals on the open forest.

Canada moves to ban hunting rifles??

Trudeau is banning hunting rifles???

Instead of cracking down on criminals who terrorize our communities, he’s going after hunters, farmers, and sport-shooters.

Keep an eye out as more Commonwealth/Western countries fall into line with the UN Agenda 21/2030 policy to disarm the Public – we are all moving in lockstep.

“SMART” everything – what that really means?

The small steps we are taking are leading to a very ominous destination! “SMART” everything – your appliances etc: Digital ID, digital currency, facial recognition cameras ….. Hence also the huge push for 5G coverage everywhere to create the “internetedness of things” – all these items connecting in real time to trace and track your every move, every financial transaction etc etc.


Australian Senator Alex Antic shares this info –

Your city is tracking you.

The City of Unley is openly displaying the type of information that it is gathering about park users!

Watch as I explore what these so-called “smart” cities will do to your digital future

WEF warning of Cyber attack!

Open your eyes and ears Kiwis!! FACTS – Klaus Schwab of the WEF (who is working in tandem with the UN – whom our Govt and all bureaucratic / corporate systems in NZ are conforming to – and we have had the UN Agenda amalgamated into our legislation since 2019)……
Klaus (and Bill Gates) – are telling us that there is an upcoming cyber attack/virus that will very seriously affect fuel, energy and food systems……. we are already perilously close to running out of fuel in NZ – which will decimate this country incl farming and food supply chains – food prices are skyrocketing already and you need only to look at what’s happening in Europe to know what’s planned for here too!
Communities must stand together and be prepared to deal with a worst case scenario and to look after each other!
The future that the UN /Globalists have planned is for total state / AI control of people, food, funds and every aspect of your life – people treated like cattle (which ironically is their name for us ‘goyim’=cattle)! They plan for this to be completely achieved by 2030 when “you will own nothing and be happy”. Sounds like another bad communist style sci-Fi movie but they are totally capable and committed to achieving this – your silence and inaction equals your consent!

You’re not going to believe this!

This is exactly where we are headed kiwi farmers – the Govt blatantly stealing your land – as if they’re not doing it already via SNA’s etc. There will be Dutch people starving and freezing this winter as the Global plan is for the state to control your food, water, energy, fuel, income and all land. This is Conspiracy FACT! (Read the UN Agenda 21/2030 and see what their “sustainable future” really means if you don’t believe me)!

International condemnation of PM’s ‘disturbing, dystopian, dangerous’ UN Speech

Sky News host Rita Panahi says it’s “little wonder” New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s speech to the UN General Assembly was described as “disturbing, dystopian and dangerous”

But here in NZ the propaganda continues and our sold-out media won’t even mention the international condemnation that followed her speech.

With the election media circus already beginning to ramp up – just remember however that “the opposition” have exactly the same UN-driven Agenda as Labour (and for those people still naively believing Nationals promise that they will repeal 3 Waters if elected, just ponder the fact that in the entire history of NZ and over many many pre-election promises to repeal legislation, there has been ZERO legislation repealed!).  These are promises that are never kept!