URGENT INFO – re “No jab, no job” Mandates

URGENT INFO – re “No jab, no job” Mandates Our Govt continues to pressurise people to get jabbed or lose their jobs – simultaneously the Govt is ramping up the welfare payments around businesses and employees affected by the ongoing pointless lockdowns – why? Because a population dependent on the Govt for welfare to pay … Read more

What every Kiwi should know…

From the myriad of misinformation and propaganda on Main Stream Media, to the manipulation of stats and science to create a narrative to justify the Legislation that will destroy our rural and horticultural sectors – we need to start questioning what we are told and search out what is happening currently in other countries around … Read more

How to respond to SNAs…

If you have received a letter or survey form from your local Council regarding proposed SNAs (Significant Natural Areas) on your land – do NOT respond to the letter OR fill in and return the Survey, as doing either will re-contract you with them and you will have effectively given them jurisdiction over yourself and … Read more

Blatant Govt incentivisation for foreign ownership and conversion of productive farmland into pine forests

The blatant mass conversion of our prime productive farmland into pine forests (owned offshore) continues. When will this Govt and the OIC be held to account for their blatant financial incentives for this – based on dodgy controversial pseudo-science? The Govt led push to eradicate the rural sector continues – wake up kiwi’s!