Living Lore response to Census

Background info and a form that you can use when the Census delivery people come to your door. IT IS CRUCIAL to take the time to watch this video and understand the form you are being given and why it is so important NOT TO MIX this with any other methods/’Law’ systems. Remember, no ‘piece of paper’ alone will ‘save you.’ You need to understand this very powerful LL info on a gut and spirit level – then you stand in that!

Be very careful of whose advice you are following. Are they ‘walking the talk’ and living this L/Lore, or are they using other systems of ‘Law’ and/or still living immersed in the system – and just passing on others knowledge, without any real experience or ‘skin in the game?’

Either type the form out or handwrite it (in red ink) – you will need 2 copies.

This info will change everything and probably generate as many questions ar it answers – you will never look at things the same again! It’s time to know the truth and to step into the freedom that it brings!

(More videos on LL to come soon).




We have received this same info from several sources but have been unable to source any definite proof of this so far (purchase order/Govt or MPI email etc).
Can you help with this? NOTE – this info is NOT confirmed at present but nothing would suprise me in the UN driven tactics to shut down the Ag industry/economy in NZ and I think it is well worth starting the conversation and asking for any info to prove or disprove this intel please?

(It’s also interesting to note that in the second half of 2022, a Southland cop told a friend of mine that the plan is to have the Public disarmed in 2023 – watch this space folks).

Taking Gun owners for fools again…….

Credit where credits due – Congratulations Farmers Weekly for printing this and thank you Alan for bucking the MSM trend of brown-nosing the Govt and actually speaking out some VERY relevant facts and concerns!

Just like most of the current ridiculous unworkable illogical new legislation, based on false science/data and fear-mongering – REMEMBER it will only begin to make sense when you read UN Agenda 21/2030 and realise that their (UN/WEF and Govts worldwide) Agenda, is to ‘create a sustainable future’ which actually means put an end to the farming and horticultural industry, move to no private ownership of land, businesses, houses; no more golf clubs, ski-fields, roading, fossil fuels, LPG etc etc (disarm the public) and to force a world economic collapse to enable this  ie. The Great Reset – where you will “own nothing and be happy”.


“SMART” everything – what that really means?

The small steps we are taking are leading to a very ominous destination! “SMART” everything – your appliances etc: Digital ID, digital currency, facial recognition cameras ….. Hence also the huge push for 5G coverage everywhere to create the “internetedness of things” – all these items connecting in real time to trace and track your every move, every financial transaction etc etc.


Australian Senator Alex Antic shares this info –

Your city is tracking you.

The City of Unley is openly displaying the type of information that it is gathering about park users!

Watch as I explore what these so-called “smart” cities will do to your digital future


As usual Fed Farmers are nit picking the small stuff but otherwise going along with the Govt.  The new FirearmRegn policy is here – despite its failure to impact crime or increase safety in any other country that’s tried this.  But the aim in NZ is to locate all items, then later retrieve them and disarm the people.  Remember, “Register” in legalese means “transfer ownership of,”  hence once you register your car you don’t own it, you have transferred ownership to the State!   (Read the back of the ‘Vehicle change of ownership/registration’ form and see for yourself.  That’s why you only get Registration papers not Ownership-papers for your vehicles!)


Mainstream media goes strangely silent as 3 Waters becomes 5 Waters

The UN Agenda marches on! The whole He Puapua/Co-governance strategy puts the control of ALL water in NZ (now including thermal and sea water out to 80km from shore) under the control of IWI!  Iwi= corporations, NOT hapu/Whanau or your normal everyday Maori.  It’s the corporate Govt in bed with the Corp Iwi and is designed to remove any say/rights from the 84% non-Maori in NZ; to cause racial disharmony and civil unrest. We are way down Stalin’s playbook now for fascist/communist takeover – control the people by controlling the food/water/fuel/energy  (most electricity in NZ is generated from water – the “5 Waters” will have a catastrophic effect on that)!  Oh, and don’t forget to disarm the people -FirearmsRegn just announced (see next post).

Time for action!

It’s time to remember who we were (and still are) – one people, united and standing together in love compassion and brotherhood.

It’s time to stop the torrent of ideological, destructive, globalist serving propaganda and legislation – whose only purpose is to destroy NZ and catapult us into poverty and total reliance on a tyrannical dictatorial communist style State.
(And if you think that’s a crazy CT style rant then wake up, do some research and look at what’s happening overseas – massive riots in the Netherlands where the Govt wants to force every 3rd farmer to sell their land to them / people freezing in Europe with no heating or gas and electricity black-outs / firewood selling for thousands of USD as people face freezing to death through winter / fuel shortages in Austr where their Gov has also closed many fuel refineries …… the list goes on and on…….

Wake up and stand up – start meeting in your communities and get prepared / make plans for how you will deal with this here!