Time for action!

It’s time to remember who we were (and still are) – one people, united and standing together in love compassion and brotherhood.

It’s time to stop the torrent of ideological, destructive, globalist serving propaganda and legislation – whose only purpose is to destroy NZ and catapult us into poverty and total reliance on a tyrannical dictatorial communist style State.
(And if you think that’s a crazy CT style rant then wake up, do some research and look at what’s happening overseas – massive riots in the Netherlands where the Govt wants to force every 3rd farmer to sell their land to them / people freezing in Europe with no heating or gas and electricity black-outs / firewood selling for thousands of USD as people face freezing to death through winter / fuel shortages in Austr where their Gov has also closed many fuel refineries …… the list goes on and on…….

Wake up and stand up – start meeting in your communities and get prepared / make plans for how you will deal with this here!



Go you good thing……..(just don’t fall in the trap of believing Nats will save us).

The truth is that NO political party will save you! (And never in the history of NZ has an opposition party EVER repealed anything – despite many promises to do so)!
Even if you put the best people possible into Govt – the entire system is so corrupt and broken that they are powerless to effect change. Believing that any political party can fix this is ‘distraction and futility’!

A bit more than horn-tooting and ‘cuppas and chats’ is required!

Personally I believe we need much much more action than gathering in tractors on one day only, to stop this UN Agenda driven move to get framers off the land! And we definitely need to be aware of the bigger global picture – this is a co-ordinated move across the West!

Also, gathering to “protest” means you are protesting the way you are being governed ie you are accepting / consenting to their governance – and this Govt is a fraud (the NZ Govt having been corporatized in 1986, so it’s not a Govt at all).

That all aside however – many are keen to get numbers gathered and participate in this to send a loud message of discontent to those in power and to encourage farmers. Perhaps it is a starting point for those reasons but to effect change you are going to need much much more action than talks with (powerless UN puppet) politicians and horn tooting!

Destructive new Govt legislation

Great article by Jamie McFadden regarding the (deliberate) destructive impacts of the new Govt legislations, which will create worse environmental outcomes – not better!
A small amount of research into the WEF, Great Reset and our Governments commitment to UN Agenda 21/2030 however, will quickly show that the (global) agenda is to remove farmers from the land – hence the tsunami of unworkable legislation! (You only need to look to the Netherlands and what’s currently happening to their farmers for confirmation of this – see next blog post for info).


Productive NZ farmlands disappearing under a sea of Pine trees!

How is it possible that thousands of Hectares of prime productive rural land in NZ is being sold to foreign companies and permanently planted in pine trees – a mono culture that destroys ecosystems and biodiversity acidifies waterways and ruins soil?

The Govt has changed OIC Overseas Investment Commission rules to encourage this and plans to quadruple Carbon Credit prices with the ETS which will escalate this problem…….

INFORMATION FROM DR JOCK ALLISON – Invermay Scientist on Carbon Emissions

Re the carbon cycle information on the web-site, the NIWA “Carbon Neutrality” paper attached, basically says that if NZ native bush etc is included – it removes an additional 70, gigatonnes of CO2 equivalent from the atmosphere. (Note that this is not including grassland shrublands either). I have communicated with both the senior authors who … Read more